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Are Religious Vocations in The Americas on The Rise or The Decline? You'll Be Surprised - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

November 9, 2017
Today on Perspectives Daily, we have some special guests in the studio from the National Religious Vocations Conference to talk to us about the trends they see in Religious Vocations, but first some very quick highlights of the day's news.
First, we go to Rome where Pope Francis has put a stop to the sale of cigarettes inside Vatican City. A statement released earlier today by Greg Burke at the Holy See Press Office explained that the Holy See “can not cooperate with a practice that is clearly harming the health of people.”  Citing the World Health Organization statistics that show that smoking causes more than 7 million deaths every year around the world, he said that the sales of cigarettes at the Vatican will stop at the beginning of January 2018.
However, if you are a tobacco aficionado, not to worry, the statement said that the sale of large cigars will continue for the time being because, the smoke from a cigar is not inhaled.
 Other news comes to us today from the UK, where a recently published poll shows that Britons are a little more anti-abortion than you’d think. The Catholic Herald is reporting that a recent opinion poll conducted by ComRes concluded that more than 70% of Britons oppose decriminalizing abortion.
The survey also found that there are high levels of public opposition against the current political campaign in the UK to legalize abortion up to birth. A total of 72 percent of those interviewed in the survey, did not want the abortion mandate expanded, keeping the existing requirement of two consenting doctors and an upper time limit of at least 24 weeks to remain in place for an abortion to be approved.
This survey comes to light as the campaign to decriminalize and expand the abortion mandate in the UK, is being led by private abortion clinics, Parliament, and local media who are lobbying to allow abortion up to the full term of a pregnancy.
Are religious vocations on the rise or on the decline? It’s a very good question that leads some to wonder about the future of the Church. To help shed light on that question, we’re very lucky to have the executive members of the National Religious Vocations Conference join us today and talk to us about some of the interesting trends they are seeing in Vocation ministry.
Join us again on Monday when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.