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Quebec Mosque Massacre - One Year Later - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

January 29, 2018
Good evening and welcome to Perspectives Daily.
We begin today in Rome, where the Pope prayed the Angelus with pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday. After the recitation of the Marian prayer the Pope acknowledged the recent terrorist attack in Kabul where close to 100 people were killed and many others wounded. “How long, will the Afghan people have to endure this inhuman violence?”, the Pope said, “Let us pray for all the victims, and for their families. And let us pray for all those, in that country, who continue to work to build peace.
The Pope also commemorated World Leprosy Day, an illness that unfortunately strikes the poorest and most disadvantaged. “We assure these brothers and sisters”, the Pope said, “of our closeness and solidarity and we also pray for those who assist and work to help them re-enter society”.
Also from Rome yesterday, the Pope made a visit to the Basilica of Santa Sofia, home to Rome’s Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Community. I have this report from CNS
Now here in Canada, Quebec will mark the one-year anniversary of the mosque shooting with a vigil tonight that will be held in Quebec City to commemorate the racial violence that resulted in the deaths of six men. It was on Jan. 29th exactly a year ago today, that a shooter entered the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec City and open fire killing six, and injuring 19 others.
I had a chance to talk to Cardinal Gérald Lacroix, the Archbishop of Quebec about the tragedy and how it had affected the Catholic-Muslim relationships in that province.
Tonight's gathering in Quebec City caps off four days of activities that have been organized to commemorate the tragedy with events over the weekend that included an open house at the mosque, a multi-faith rally, and prayer services. Vigils have also been organized in other cities including Montreal.
That is all that we have time for today. Join us again tomorrow, when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspectives of a Catholic Lens.