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Papal Honours Bestowed In Hamilton, Ontario - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

March 5, 2018
We begin today with highlights from the Pope's Sunday Angelus address to the faithful gathered at St. Peter's Square. Speaking to the crowds who gathered to join him recite the Marian prayer, the Pope said that Lent is a time to remove every form of idolatry from our hearts and our works.
Pope Francis reflected on the meaning of Lent and warned against exploiting charitable works carried out in the name of God, for personal interest. Reflecting on the Gospel reading where Jesus drives merchants and money changers from the temple of Jerusalem, the Pope invites us to not live our lives in search of personal profit, but for the glory of God, which is love. He concluded by asking the Virgin Mary to help us recognize God as the one Lord of our life.
The Pope has also released his monthly intention prayer video. This March, the Holy Father is asking us to join him in prayer for the Church, that it may appreciate the urgency of formation in spiritual discernment, both on the personal and communitarian levels. Have a look.
We now go to Hamilton where yesterday, Papal Honours were given by Cardinal Gerald Lacroix, the Primate of Canada, to 16 individuals for their dedication and exceptional service to the Church in the diocese of Hamilton.
It was a full house at Hamilton’s Cathedral Basilica last night, as both priests and lay people received the Pope’s awards for various ministries and years of service to the Catholic church in Hamilton.
Dating back many centuries, the papal honours system has many different honours and awards each with its own history and relevance. The first award was given to soldiers in the Papal Army in the late 18th century with medals later extended to members of the clergy and laity for exceptional service to the Roman Catholic Church.
We will be broadcasting the entire event on the network on March 14th at 8 pm eastern. For more details, you can visit our website listed below.
We go to Ottawa now where one of their own priests, Msgr. Jose Bettencourt will be elevated to the rank of Archbishop, and appointed by the Pope, as his personal representative, in the role of Apostolic Nuncio to the country of Armenia.
Archbishop-designate Bettencourt has served in the Vatican's Secretariat of State since 2002. We had a chance to chat with him in Rome shortly after the announcement and here’s what he had to say about the appointment.
Born in Portugal in 1962, he then moved to Ottawa as a child. Archbishop-designate Bettencourt graduated from the University of Ottawa before pursuing theological studies at Dominican College and St. Paul University, where he studied for the priesthood. He was ordained in the Archdiocese of Ottawa in 1993.
His ordination to Archbishop will take place on March 19th and I will have more from that interview about the significance of that date, closer to the event, so be sure to stay tuned.
That is all that for today.  Join us again tomorrow, when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic Lens. Thanks for Joining us.