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Perspectives Daily: Highlights of the pope's trip to Geneva

Noel Ocol

June 21, 2018
In today's episode of Perspectives Daily, we cover the major highlights and messages of the pope's 23rd Apostolic Journey as he travels to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the World Council of Churches in Geneva, in a mission to reaffirm the Catholic Church's commitment to Christian unity. Here are the events that we covered today:
  1. At the ecumenical prayer service at the WCC headquarters, the pope said that lack of unity is not God's will and is a scandal.
  2. Addressing WCC delegates, the Holy Father emphasizes the things we can do together.
  3. During Mass at the Palexpo, his message was simply, “If you forgive others their trespasses, the heavenly Father will forgive you.”
In addition to these, here are other Catholic news stories making headlines around the world:
That is it for this week. Be sure to check in again on Monday when we will have more of the latest Catholic news and stories for you.