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Perspectives Daily: Will the pope take the challenge for charity?

Noel Ocol

February 7, 2019
A kid backed by A-list celebrities challenges the pope to go vegan for Lent. If the Holy Father accepts, 1 million dollars will be donated to the charity of his choice.

Here are the stories that we bring you on today's episode of Perspectives Daily:

  1.  Human trafficking is what's in the pope's prayers for this month of February, and he's asking us to join him in praying for that intention.
  2.  Former Superior General of the Jesuits is now officially en route to sainthood.
  3. One million dollars to the charity of the pope's choice if he partakes in a challenge. Will he do it?

In addition to those, here are some of the latest Catholic news stories from around the world making headlines today:

That's it for today. Be sure to check in with us again on Monday for more of the latest Catholic news and stories that you need to know.
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