Studio Space

  • Large studio space approximately 60 feet long by 38 feet wide with 16 foot high ceilings.

  • Wall to wall aluminium pipe grid 14 feet high from floor with 6- EQ-IPS-DS1206TL 6 X 1.2K dimmer strips and 4 EQ-IPS-DS2403TL 3 X 2.4K dimmer strips.  Additional ceiling power available.

  • Dual surround cyc tracks.  Interior track has black fabric surround with 50% fullness.  Second track can be used to hang blue, green and other types curtains, fabrics, backgrounds, etc.
  • Jands Stage CL DMX Lighting Console

  • Variety of Chroma Q StudioForce LED, ellipsoidal, 1K and 2LK fresnels and other lighting fixtures available for rent.

  • Variety of grip equipment (hi-low bars, grip stands and heads, arms, frames, hangers and boxes)
  • Multiple sets, backgrounds, props and other equipment (scrims, reflectors, etc.) available for rent.

  • 2 teleprompters

  • 100A auxiliary power service.


  • 3 x Sony HXCFB75KC HD studio cameras

    • 3×2/3-inch Exmor® CMOS sensors
    • 7” colour LCD viewfinders
    • 8.2mm (11/32 inches) to 164mm (6 1/2 inches) zoom
    • 20x Canon lens
    • Canon MS-22 Lens control kit
    • Servo zoom
    • CCU with RCP and shading station in production control room.


  • Sony A7SII camera.

    • Supreme light sensitivity. Sensitivity to ISO 4096002 and wide dynamic range refine stills/movies.
    • High-quality 4K movie recording. Delivers full pixel readout3 with no binning in full-frame format.
    • 5-axis optical image stabilization.Ensures stable expression of stills and movies using various lenses.
  • Canon 5DS DSLR Camera.

    • The choice of today’s professional photographers.
    • Featuring a full-frame 50.6MP CMOS sensor, the camera captures ultra-high resolution images suitable for large-scale printing and extensive, creative cropping. The Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors provide the wherewithal to handle this abundance of information, enabling fast performance speeds and top-of-the-line image quality. The 5DS also features advanced video capability including HD 1080p capture at 30 fps and a Time Lapse movie function which takes still photos at set intervals and combines them into a full HD movie.
  • Canon 24-70 f2.8. Canon 7-200 f2.8 lenses.

Production Control

  • Ross Cross-Over 12-input production switcher

  • Yamaha DM-1000 48-channel stereo digital audio console

  • Gentner Hybrid III telephone hybrid

  • Dorrough 40-B2 stereo peak/loudness metering

  • Doremi dual-channel server with DNF controller

  • Tektronix WFM-7120 multi-format scope

  • Ross Expression graphics generator c/w clip player, 3D animation and custom keyboard

  • Clearcomm intercom with belt packs and headsets

  • Ross Open-Gear frame with redundant power supplies and all required distribution cards

  • RCPs for each Sony camera and Sony broadcast monitor for shading

  • 3 Aja Ki-Pros (in Master Control) for recording

  • 4 BMD Teranex Express converters (in Master Control)

Radio + Voice Recording Room

  • Recording booth – can be used to record both radio programs or voice-over (live or recorded)
  • Gentner Hybrid telephone hybrid for interviews

  • Three recording stations

Master Control

  • Send/Receive Fibre Circuit for live interviews
  • Two Dejero Transceivers capable of IP delivery or receipt of audio-video streams
  • Fully controllable CCUs for 3 Sony HD cameras in the Studio (can also be controlled by RCP)
  • Aja Ki-Pro recorders with 6 500GB hard drives.
  • Ability to route feeds to Production control room or Radio/Voice-Over Room

Wardrobe and Makeup Room

  • Chair and mirror

  • Wardrobe

  • Steamer

  • Barrier free, private washroom

Green Room

  • Comfortable area for talent and guests
  • Access to high speed Internet
  • Monitor capable of both feed from studio or television via router in Master Control

Post Production

  • MacPro 3Ghz 6Core
  • 16 GBs Ram

  • 46″ Sony consumer preview display

  • Avid Media Composer 8.5

  • Sympathy option

  • Boris Continuum Complete

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • 2X Sony SMS2P powered speakers

  • Maki auto and YX 1220 mixer

  • Wacom Pen tablet w/stylus

  • Comfortable space and seating for screening sesssions


  • Approximately 43 ft x 21 ft space with pews, altar, tabernacle, artifacts, stations of the cross and beautiful stained glass windows. (HD studio camera cabling can reach.

Executive Office

  • Approximately 20 ft x 24 ft (HD studio camera cabling can reach).

Kitchen & Work Space

  • Full kitchen (fridge, dishwasher, 2 microwaves, coffee maker, espresso machine, kettle and table with chairs)
  • Production office space: meeting rooms and workstations with computers, dedicated phone lines, high speed Internet,
    access to a colour copier/scanner.


  • Central location with public transportation right to the building entrance
  • Parking available underground

  • Facility management

  • Booking coordinator

  • Freelance crew hiring/management

  • Support

  • Negotiable rates 

Contact us for rates, availability and tours