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One of the keys of Pope Francis' pontificate, and his priestly ministry, has been his push to build a culture of dialogue among people of different backgrounds. Only by meeting those we perceive as "other" and learning about them, can we hope to live in a world at peace. On June 6 Pope Francis takes this message of dialogue and peace to Sarajevo, a city that is no stranger to war, division and destruction. In the span of only a few short hours he will meet with the people who represent the different ethnic and religious groups in Sarajevo, encouraging their efforts to build lasting peace and sustaining the Catholic minority in their faith. Tune in to S+L for full coverage of this papal visit.

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Apostolic Voyage to Sarajevo: Mass at Sarajevo Olympic Stadium

During his Apostolic Visit to Sarajevo, a city once torn apart by war, Pope Francis celebrates Mass at the former Olympic stadium.Join Salt + Light for our coverage of this visit and this very special Mass.

Apostolic Voyage to Sarajevo: Ecumenical and Inter Religious Meeting

During Pope Francis' Apostolic Visit to Sarajevo he visits the Franciscan International Student Centre. There he meets with leaders of different religions and different Christian churches in Sarajevo to discuss the importance of inter religious and ecumenical dialogue in building a lasting peace.
Apostolic Voyage to Sarajevo: Meeting with Young People

The final stop on Pope Francis' one day visit to Sarajevo is a one hour meeting with young people at the St. John Paul II Youth Centre. The centre, which is open to young people from all religious and ethnic backgrounds, hopes to teach young residents of Sarajevo that they can work together and have fun together despite their different backgrounds.
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