Special Coverage   Steubenville Toronto 2014

For close to 40 years, Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio has been inviting young people into an encounter with Jesus Christ through the execution of the ever-popular and growing Steubenville conferences. This year, the Archdiocese of Toronto and the Office for Catholic Youth bring the city of Toronto the first ever Steubenville Toronto.

Steubenville Conferences, through the sacraments of the Church and the power of the Holy Spirit, strive to introduce the youth to Christ’s love and encourage them to open their hearts, become His disciples and embrace the mission of the Catholic Church. For the past few years, the combined effort of 15 lay and clergy professionals and over 200 volunteers, led by the Rev. Frank Portelli, worked through the many ups and downs to bring Steubenville Toronto into fruition from July 4-6.

“The layers of details [that go into] this conference is mind-boggling,” Fr. Frank said. “From building up the design of the conference (the Steubenville Conference logo , which was designed by Salt + Light’s Dominic Gomes) to printing banners, signs, individual kneelers, cinch bags, water bottles and the list goes on.” ... read more
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