Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery.
by David Gibson and Michael McKinley
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Who was Jesus of Nazareth, and what do the relics left behind tell us about this fascinating figure? A burial box that has Jesus’ name on it? A papyrus “gospel” referring to his wife? A piece of wood from the cross? A linen shroud that wrapped Jesus’ corpse? Are any or all of these real? Or are we being scammed? Finding Jesus provides a fresh look at the life of the greatest man who ever lived, through six blockbuster artifacts that give us the most direct evidence about the life and world of Jesus. Telling the story behind each artifact, Finding Jesus investigates, in the company of sleuths and scholars who use modern-day tools to solve ancient riddles, whether the stunning relics are authentic or frauds.

Published by St. Martin’s Press, New York

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My Take
Among the hundreds of books out there on the historical Jesus, "Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery." by David Gibson and Michael McKinley is one of the most readable and interesting. They tell the story of 6 objects that some say can be traced back to Jesus himself. Each object is fascinating in and of itself, but David and Michael make an important leap from an historical analysis of the object to a reflection on what it tells us about Jesus and the people closest to him. In that way, "Finding Jesus" bridges the world of archaeology and faith in a remarkable way, without losing the reader in exhaustive (and exhausting!) scholarship.
“A fascinating, provocative, and informative entry into the life of Jesus. Finding Jesus uses controversies over recent archaeological and literary find, as well as over some long-argued-about tales and relics, to provide readers with solid scholarship and thoughtful insights into the life of the man whose life, death, and resurrection continue to enthrall and inspire.”

James Martin, SJ,
Author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage
About the Author
David Gibson is an award-winning religion journalist, author, filmmaker, and a convert to Catholicism. Gibson has co-written and co-produced several documentaries for CNN and the History Channel. He is also an author of two books on the Catholic Church, and a 2015 joint effort on biblical archeology, “Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery,” that is the basis of a CNN original series. Gibson is currently a national reporter for Religion News Service specializing in coverage of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, and on the role of religion in the worlds of politics and entertainment. He is a regular commentator on television and radio, including S+L’s original documentary “The Francis Effect” and has been named the nation’s top religion reporter several times by the Religion Newswriters Association.