Conscience of a Nation:
Jesuits in English Canada 1842-2016
Edited by Fr. Jacques Monet, SJ
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The third and final volume of the definitive history series on the Jesuits in English Canada, Conscience of a Nation explores the Jesuits’ contribution to Canadian ethics and morality. The volume contributors, well-known Jesuit scholars, offer a fascinating survey of the Jesuit spirituality and formation, as well as the society’s work with ecology, education and foreign missions. Together with the previous two volumes, Conscience of a Nation is an inspiring resource for scholars and friends of the Jesuits. Edited by historian Fr. Jacques Monet, SJ.

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My Take
You can't tell the history of Canada without telling the history of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). This book, vol.3 in the "Jesuit History Series", discusses Jesuit spirituality, formation, education and social action, as Jesuit communities took root throughout the 20th century in Montreal, Guelph, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, St. John's, etc. Their prophetic voice on the ecological crisis is particularly intriguing.
About the editor
Fr. Jacques Monet, SJ, serves as the director of the Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies. A long-time educator and scholar, Monet is regarded as one of Canada’s leading historians by both secular and religious leaders.