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Young people have so many questions when it comes to issues such as fairness, acceptance, self-control, and respect. But they’re not just sitting around waiting for answers. They’re doing great things! In this dynamic and inspirational 10-part series, host Mary Rose Bacani brings you virtues in action. Each half-hour episode presents “virtues in action” in our Catholic school community, in our personal lives, and in the lives of young people who have followed the call to priestly or religious life. A life of virtue is not impossible. Take it from those who say, “People of virtue? They’re in The World I Know!”

The World I Know supports the promotion of safe, caring, inclusive and healthy school communities.



The belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed.

"We have enormous duties. There is a lot of talk about rights, and nowhere near the amount of talk about responsibilities."
- Paul Schmidt, Principal, St. Paul SS

So many things are unfair in this world, and yet many young people are still willing to take risks with the belief that justice will prevail. Through stories of students with special needs from St. Paul’s Secondary School, Michelle Tacbas reminds us that fairness is not always about sameness. Spencer Greenwood also talks about fairness in the family and in sports, while Br. Sean McIsaac, a Little Brother of the Good Shepherd, shares with us how the Good Shepherd inspires him to be a person of fairness.


The ability to know the right and decent way to act and then to act that way.

"You have your moralities. If anything goes against that, or against your beliefs or anything like that, then you know it’s wrong."
– Albert Tosomba, Gr. 12, Father Michael Goetz SS

Knowing the right thing to do and then doing it is not so easy. It helps to have role models you can look up to. Juanita Sequeira introduces us to stewardship initiatives that bring elementary and high school students together to learn from each other. Stuart Jansen also shares his struggles with doing what he knows is right, while Michael Knox, a young Jesuit, talks about how St. Thomas More continues to inspire him to follow his conscience.


The great virtue of believing in God and trusting in Him.

"You’re walking with your eyes closed. Faith is like that hand that reaches out to you and guides you."
- Weronika Serafin, Gr. 10, St. Joan of Arc CSS

Join Krystle Nancoo and friends in a faith-sharing session of high school students who finally move into their new school building, St. Joan of Arc. Brittany Garrard also shares her experiences as a new Catholic in the faith, while Sr. Mary Catherine Perdue, a Sister of Our Lady Immaculate, testifies to the powerful intercession of St. Joseph in her life!


The ability to identify with and feel other people’s concerns.

"For me to understand what somebody else is going through is basically just sitting there one-on-one with them, talking, hearing what they’re saying, observing things with my own eyes."
- Maurice Christian, Gr. 12, Ascension of Our Lord SS

Elementary and high school students share how they have grown in their capacity to feel the sufferings and injustices in the world, and what they are doing about these issues. Vanessa Cafazzo tells us all about that while Kayla Gallant expresses her personal struggle with Empathy when it comes to listening to other people’s problems. Paul Hrynczyszyn, a diocesan seminarian, shares his undying loyalty to St. John Bosco and Pope John Paul II and highlights the importance of empathy in their lives.


The ability to watch and look for ways to help those in need.

"Without kindness, everyone would be mean to each other, everyone would probably be fighting and hurting each other to get this and that and everyone would say mean things to each other."
- Shannon Harte, Gr. 5, Guardian Angels Elementary School

With so many problems in the world, it seems almost impossible to make a difference, right? Wrong. Rachel DeSa introduces us to high school and elementary school students who sort shoes at the Canadian Food for Children Warehouse and organize fundraisers for children suffering from cancer! Mimi Pukulakatt also shares how small acts of kindness can make a difference, while Fr. Michael Pace, a Salesian priest, finds St. Francis De Sales to be a great inspiration for kindness.


The ability to focus our minds and hearts on the good around us.

"We have signs and symbols all around us that speak of hope for a wonderful future, hope for Catholic education to continue, hope to make a difference in the world."
- Blanche Tait, Principal, John XXIII Catholic School

John XXIII Catholic School has a unique peace pole in front of their school, which their neighbouring high school St. Martin erected for them. Maverick Guerra talks about how it bears the name of a little boy whose life has inspired a community to embrace hope-filled possibilities. Stephanie Porteous also shares her personal struggles with hope, especially during times of suffering and death. Meanwhile, Kim D’Souza, a young seminarian, tells us humorous stories of hope in the life of St. Philip Neri.


The ability to control our reactions and resist the temptation to do something that we will regret.

"It’s not like I’m putting myself in a box and saying no to everything. You have to experience life. It’s all about being able to control who you are, knowing who you are and making decisions about that."
- Ashley Carey, Gr. 12, St. Augustine SS

Bullying is a major problem in many schools today and can have disastrous effects on students. Ashley Carey and Sheana Correia talk about how schools are responding to this issue. Shalom Rasquinha also shares her personal struggle with losing her temper and trying to find balance in her emotional life. In the meantime, Chris Valka, a young Basilian, turns our attention to St. John of the Cross, one of Spain’s greatest poets who followed God’s will despite the difficulties involved.


The ability to look beyond what we see, such as a person’s skin colour and gender, and recognize a person created and loved by God.

"I was always told that there’s only one race and that’s the human race."
- Amit Patel, Gr. 12, St. Francis Xavier SS

Justin Cutajar shares how acceptance workshops and activities help students learn about the significance of diversity. Also, Fadi Ghazala tells us about his struggle with accepting his own body and his own self. On the other hand, Sr. Maria Jerosolimitana Espiritu, a Servant of the Lord and the Virgin of Matarà, recounts the inspiring example of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, who lived her life doing God’s will and accepting whatever He placed in her path.


The ability to treat oneself and others with equal consideration and courtesy.

"Our motto at Cardinal Newman is ‘Where Heart Speaks to Heart’. Through, again, positive reinforcement and modeling, they learn the importance of helping one another and taking turns."
- Michelle Forgione, Gr. 2 Teacher, Cardinal Newman Catholic School

Respect is the basis of any relationship. Many schools understand this and therefore ensure that programs promoting respect in the classrooms and in the schoolyards exist, as we hear from Akheem Isaac. Merwyn Rosario shares his thoughts on how to learn to respect the very same person who bullies you, while Sr. Antoniana Maria Macapagal, a Sister of Life, speaks about her admiration for Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who treated all people with the respect they deserved as children of God.


The ability to forget about ourselves and look for the good of the other.

"Love is absent when someone is being bullied, when the victim cries out for help and no one is there to help them."
- Nikki D’Souza, Gr. 12, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel SS

Whom do we love? Where do we see love, and its opposite, alive in the world? Emily Hilbig invites us to join elementary and high school students as they share their perspectives on love and the need for its presence in the world through their own actions. Peter Morcos also talks about going out of his comfort zone to reach people, while Sr. Hosea Rupprecht, a Daughter of St. Paul, holds up the loving example of St. Paul the Apostle!