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This Place: Real People. Real Faith.

This Place: Real People. Real Faith.

A “place” is more than space being used. Having a sense of place means to have a sense of belonging. It is where we feel at home. “This Place: Real People. Real Faith.” tells the story of Catholics who are a part of a community of faith in dioceses across Canada.

Emilie Callan travels coast to coast to discover these places where people find relationship and meaning. We know Canada is a beauty. It’s time we draw attention to the vibrant Catholic faith inhabiting this vast expanse of land.

EP 1. Diocese of London

In an all-new TV series, Emilie travel coast to coast to discover the many faces of the Catholic Church in Canada. We hit the road and begin our adventures in southwestern Ontario, in the diocese of London. There we take part in an Italian parish festival, visit a summer camp, and learn of a special connection with Saint Brother Andre. Surrounded by small and great lakes, the diocese of London is full of surprises.

Bonus Features

Diocese of London: Bishop Ronald Fabbro, C.S.B.

While in the diocese of London, we met with Bishop Ronald Fabbro, C.S.B. I wanted to ask the bishop about an important initiative taking place in his diocese right now, called the Families of Parishes. It is only just starting to gain momentum in the diocese.

Diocese of London: St. Peter's Seminary

When we visited the seminary, which is next door to the diocesan centre, it was still undergoing renovations. Work was completed just on time for the opening of the school year. Founded in 1912, today the seminary provides formation not only candidates to the priesthood but also for religious and lay men and women from across the diocese.

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