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Fr. Peteris Skudra - Witness Interview

About Fr. Peteris Skudra:

Pēteris Skudra, Diocese of Riga, Latvia, was born in 1990 in Riga, Latvia. The oldest of four children, he was educated in Riga and began studies for the seminary in Riga in 2008. Ordained a priest in 2014, he served as vicar in five small parishes until 2015 when he was appointed chaplain of the diocesan youth centre in the nation's capital. On behalf of the Episcopal conference of Latvia, Fr. Skudra has led delegations of Latvian youth to International World Youth Days. An avid and proficient communicator, he heads up Radio Marija Latvija in his country and has joined us at Salt and Light Television in Canada in our pastoral outreach to young adults.

This interview took place at the Salt + Light TV broadcast center in Toronto on June 2, 2017.