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Jim Forest - Witness Interview

Sunday, September 16, 2018 - Jim Forest is a writer, Orthodox Christian lay theologian, activist, and educator.

As a young man, after leaving naval service due to conscientious objector status, Jim joined the staff of the Catholic Worker, working closely with founder Dorothy Day and briefly serving as managing editor of The Catholic Worker newspaper.

In 1988, Forest was received into the Orthodox Church. Since 1989, he has been international secretary of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship and associate editor of its quarterly journal, In Communion. His work for peace has received the Peacemaker Award from Notre Dame University's Institute for International Peace Studies and the St. Marcellus Award from the Catholic Peace Fellowship.

Jim had a long-term friendship with Thomas Merton; Merton’s famous “Letter to a Young Activist” was written in response to Forest, and his book Faith and Violence is dedicated to him.

A journalist and writer, Forest’s books include biographies of Thomas Merton (Living With Wisdom), Dorothy Day (All Is Grace) and Daniel Berrigan (At Play in the Lions' Den).

He and his wife Nancy, a translator and writer, live in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.