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Sr. Laurie Brink, OP - Witness Interview

Sunday, March 13th, 2016 - Sr. Laurie Brink is a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa. She is Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Brink investigates the ancient social, religious, and cultural world out of which early Christianity emerged. Having worked as a senior staff member for the Combined Caesarea Expedition in Israel, she seeks to integrate archaeological research and biblical exegesis. She has directed an interdisciplinary project in which scholars of Roman history, archaeology, Early Christianity, and Jewish Studies investigated ancient burial practices and the emergence of identifiable Christian practices. Her current work engages audience-oriented analysis to evaluate the characterization and function of the soldiers and centurions in Luke-Acts. She is also researching and writing a book on the biblical foundations of friendship.

Brink is an associate editor of The Bible Today, and has recorded two lecture series (Acts of the Apostles and Philippians) for Now You Know Media. Her publications include: “A General’s Exhortation to His Troops: Paul’s Military Rhetoric in 2 Cor 10:1-11,” Biblische Zeitschrift (2005/2006), Commemorating the Dead: Texts and Artifacts in Context (DeGruyter, 2008), In This Place: Reflections on the Land of the Gospels for the Liturgical Cycles (Wipf & Stock, 2008), “Seen But Not Heard: Women Prophets in Caesarea,” Finding A Woman’s Place: Essays in Honor of Carolyn Osiek (Pickwick, 2010), “U.S. Sisters: Accolades and Admonitions,” New Theology Review (2011), “Let the Dead Bury the Dead—Using Archaeology to Understand the Bible,” The Bible Today (2011). “In Search of the Biblical Foundations of Prophetic Dialogue: Engaging a Hermeneutics of Otherness,” Missiology 41 (2013); “Introduction to Pauline Literature,” “Romans,” “First Corinthians,” “Second Corinthians” Readers’ Guide entries for the Anselm Academic Bible (2013).