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Sr. Nuala Kenny - Witness Interview

Sunday, January 1, 2017 - Sr. Nuala Kenny, Medical doctor, renowned ethicist, professor, and Sister of Charity of Halifax, is deeply concerned with new law allowing euthanasia and doctor assisted death in Canada. The dimension of the Paschal mystery of suffering, death and resurrection is absent from our end of life conversation and discussion. When people today speak about a “good death,” they usually refer to an attempt to control the end of one’s life, even through physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia. The Christian notion of a good death, however, is death not as a good end, but a good transition, that requires faith, proper acceptance and readiness. Join Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB and Sr. Nuala Kenny for a wide ranging interview on the this implications of this new law which has serious effects not only on Canadian Catholics but on the medical profession, on people of all faiths and walks of life and on the moral fabric of our society.