World Meeting of Families 2018 | DUBLIN, IRELAND

From August 21 to 26, thousands of families from around the world will meet in Dublin, Ireland, for the 9th World Meeting of Families. Started by Saint John Paul II in 1992, the World Meeting of Families takes place in a different country every three years and seeks to strengthen the sacred bonds of family life while giving families an opportunity to meet and celebrate together.

Live commentary will be provided by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB. And Salt + Light reporters, Francis Denis and Matteo Ciofi, will be covering events on the ground in Dublin.

At the Meeting, families can celebrate Mass together and participate in a variety of activities including catechesis with distinguished speakers and discussion groups around critical questions affecting family life today.

This year the theme is “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World,” based on Pope Francis’ 2016 apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia.

You can learn more about the World Meeting of Families, the theme, and the catechetical resources by visiting
Live commentary:
Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB
Reporter :
Francis Denis
Reporter :
Matteo Ciofi


World Meeting of Families

Festival of Families

Knock Shrine Visit

Holy Mass in Phoenix Park

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The Meaning of the logo for
World Meeting of Families 2018


At the heart of the logo is the family. Family members are represented in different ages and roles while walking together in communion and love, helping one another through the journey of life. No one is excluded, no one is left behind. Couples, elderly, single, widowed, consecrated, clergy, children, all are important members of our families and all are invited to participate of WMOF2018.


The map of the world shows that families from all around the globe will come to Ireland for what will be a truly international event. While we see only a glimpse of the continents, they represent the whole world: the common home of all families, entrusted to us by God. In his encyclical letter, Laudato Si, Pope Francis reminds us that families have a vital role to play in caring for our common home. He reminds us that Saint Francis of Assisi described our earth itself as “like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us”. (Cf. Pope Francis, Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home, n.1). The World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland, will explore how families, as our first home, can help us to care for our common home.


The red semicircle with the cross on the top echoes the logo of the Archdiocese of Dublin, which is the host diocese for WMOF2018. As well as representing God’s love, flowing from the cross, embracing all the families of the world, the semicircle and cross also represent the ‘dome’ of the Church, “a family of families, constantly enriched by the lives of all those domestic churches” (Pope Francis, The Joy of Love, n. 87). In the logo, as in real life, the Church embraces the family, protects the family and supports the family. When our families are stronger, society is stronger, and the Church is stronger.


The cross is the ultimate symbol of the self-sacrificing love of Jesus. Self-sacrificing love is at the very heart of marriage and family life. The rays represent the grace of the Holy Spirit, flowing from the cross and uniting our families in love. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus dwells within our families and gives us the strength to take up our own crosses and follow him.

The cross used in the logo is also a symbol of Ireland’s Christian roots and history. Known by many as the “Papal Cross”, it stands in the Phoenix Park in Dublin, one of the largest walled city parks in Europe, where, in 1979, over one million Catholics gathered for another major occasion: to welcome, listen and pray with Saint John Paul II, who was also the founder of World Meeting of Families. Christ is the one that gathers us and calls us to come together again in WMOF2018 in Dublin.


In the Joy of Love, Pope Francis speaks several times of marriage and the family as the “living icon” of the Most Holy Trinity (cf. nos. 11, 121, 161, 314, 324). As the family, through marriage, comes together in mutual self-giving, communion and love, it reflects the mystery of the Holy Trinity and immerses itself in “the mystery from which all true love flows” (n. 63).

The tri-spiral swirl in the logo draws from ancient Celtic imagery, to reflect this truth. These triple spirals are found on ancient stones and monuments around Ireland. As Christianity came to Ireland, the tri-spiral, or triskele, began to be used as a symbol of the Holy Trinity, together with the well-known shamrock, associated with St Patrick. St. Patrick, tradition has it, used the shamrock to explain the mystery of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit united, as one family: one God and three Divine Persons, in a perfect communion of love.


The logo includes the date and location chosen by Pope Francis to host the next World Meeting of Families: Dublin, Ireland, 21-26 August 2018. It is a great joy and responsibility for us in Ireland to host this event and the logo includes a direct invitation to families and individuals from all over the world to come and join us for the event.


The logo for the World Meeting of Families 2018 was designed by Ronan Lynch, from Lynch Design, with the support of Aid to the Church in Need (Ireland).


WMOF2018 is the sole copyright owner of the logo for World Meeting of Families 2018. Dioceses, Parishes and Church organisations can use the logo, for non-commercial purposes only. Permission for its use by other organisations or for commercial purposes is required. Please read the guidelines for the use of the logo here as terms and conditions apply. To obtain further logo guidelines and permissions, please contact us by email: