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2018年1月30日,聖座新聞室主任伯克(Greg Burke)針對近日有關教宗與教廷人員在中國問題上意見不一致的猜測消息發出以下聲明:
Greg Burke, Director of the Holy See Press Office, gave the following statement on China today in the Vatican.
With reference to widespread news on a presumed difference of thought and action between the Holy Father and his collaborators in the Roman Curia on issues relating to China, I am able to state the following:
“The Pope is in constant contact with his collaborators, in particular in the Secretariat of State, on Chinese issues, and is informed by them faithfully and in detail on the situation of the Catholic Church in China and on the steps in the dialogue in progress between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China, which he follows with special attention. It is therefore surprising and regrettable that the contrary is affirmed by people in the Church, thus fostering confusion and controversy.”