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NewConsecrated Life - Mary Bastedo
This week Deacon Pedro continues celebrating Consecrated Life by looking at we continue celebrating consecrated and religious vocations. This week Deacon Pedro speaks with Mary Bastedo, about Consecrated Virginity, one of the less known and most ancient religious vocations. ... more info
NewMarriage and Family - Aaron and Melanie Kohn
Deacon Pedro continues this week celebrating marriage and family with Melanie and Aaron Kohn, a young Jewish couple who've been married for 12 years. When asked about one thing they do that helped their marriage, Melanie shared about a Jewish tradition ... more info
NewSr. Marie Azzarello of the Congregation of Notre Dame
Deacon Pedro continues this week celebrating Consecrated Life with Sr. Marie Azzarello of the Congregation of Notre Dame. When asked why she joined the CND, Sr. Marie answered, "don't ask me why I joined; ask me why I stayed." ... more info
NewMarriage and Family - Gerald and Marilyn
As we prepare for the 2015 World Meeting of Families and the Ordinary Synod on the Family, join us this week for Perspectives on Marriage and Family with Gerald and Marilyn Guest, who've been married for 57 years. ... more info
Sr. Monique Bourget
Pope Francis has declared this year, 2015 to be the year for Consecrated Life and so we are dedicating some of the Weekly Edition of Perspectives to learn about and celebrate those living Consecrated Lives. ... more info
In this special edition of Perspectives, Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann speaks with Fr. Nawras Samour, National Director for Jesuit Refugee Service, Syria about the situation in his country and the work of his organization. ... more info
2014 Year End Review
2014 has come to an end and so it's time for our year-end-review. What are the highlights of this past year? What stands out the most in your mind? What's your favourite Pope Francis moment? .... view more
Lalith Perera on Sri Lanka
Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann speaks with the founder and director of the Community of the Risen Lord, Lalith Perera about the Church in Sri Lanka, Blessed Joseph Vaz and the Holy Father's visit in January 2015. .... view more
What are the highlights of 2013?
2013 has come to an end and so it's time for our year-end-review. What are the highlights of this past year? What stands out the most in your mind? What's your favourite Pope Francis moment? Join Deacon Pedro and our panel of S+L Producers, Cheridan, Alicia and Sebastian as we as they look at the Church in the year 2013. .... view more
Should Catholics work on Sundays?
We all know that we must keep holy the Sabbath Day, but at the same time, in this day and age, in our society, we take for granted that businesses are open on Sunday and people work. Maybe we don't work ourselves, but we go shopping, or in our desire for leisure time with our family we may go to an amusement park, the museum or to the zoo. Is that wrong? .... view more
Are we too preoccupied with the new evangelization?
One of the first times that the phrase "the new evangelization" was heard was in John Paul II's Apostolic letter Novo Millennio Ineunte. It seems to me that the Holy Father was calling us to this new evangelization and that in order to do it effectively, he was giving us a pastoral plan... view more
When faith feels fragile...
Asking how you what you do to strengthen your faith is a bit of a non-question. The answer is obvious: You pray, you go to the Sacraments, you read Scripture, you engage with a Parish community. But when your faith feels fragile, how do you strengthen it? .... view more
What was the WYD 2013 message for you?
What was the WYD message for you? That's the question we're asking this week, so be sure to join Deacon Pedro and his two guests, Oriana Bertucci and Josh Canning as they remember World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro.. view more
Church in Brazil
Most people know Brazil to be the home of the Amazon river and the home of the Amazon rainforest. Brazil is also known for its samba music, their soccer teams, Copacaba beach, the Christ the Redeemer Statue, the favela slums and the annual Carnival celebrations. Brazil is also the fifth largest country in the world in both size and population... view more
Are you saved?
On May 22, 2013, Pope Francis’ daily homily in the Chapel of Domus Sanctae Marthae was inspired by the passage from the 9th chapter of Mark in which the disciples tell Jesus that they tried to stop someone who was not one of their party from driving out demons. In one section of his homily, Pope Francis made a... view more
When it comes to abortion, there is one practice that even most pro-choice supporters find indefensible: sex-selection abortion, also known as female gendercide. It's no surprise that a higher ratio of girls are aborted in certain countries where male children are preferred. But Canadians are shocked to learn... view more
A world without Catholic charities
Catholic Charities is the organization of the Archdiocese of Toronto that coordinates 29 agencies and all the charitable work in the archdiocese. Most Torontonians and people from the surrounding communities will be familiar with ShareLife, the fundraising arm of the Archdiocese. But many have not heard of... view more
The Camino de Santiago
Are pilgrimages necessary? That's the question we're asking this week on Perspectives: the Weekly Edition. Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann speaks with two alumni of the Camino de Santiago walking pilgrimage, Gillian Kantor and Kris Dmytrenko. They discuss whether we need sacrifice, time for reflection, and... view more
Do you eat fish on Fridays during Lent?
Lent is a period when the Catholic Church reflects on the mystery of Christ. As He went in to the desert before suffering the pain of his death and the glory of his resurrection, we also stop to prepare our souls for the great joy of Easter... view more
Argentinean Pope?
What does it mean for the universal Church that we have an Argentinean Pope? What are the specific traits of the Latin American church that may influence this papacy? To answer these question Deacon Pedro Guevara Mann speaks with two Argentineans... view more
A pope of surprises
In a rapidly changing world, the Vatican remains a bulwark of time-tested tradition. Yet in the course of a week, a little-known Argentinian has been elected as the Pope, delighting the world with his fresh focus and spontaneous gestures. As the Church celebrates today's inauguration Mass... view more
Can Pope Francis draw young people to the Church? Pope Francis has taken the world by storm. But will he be able to evangelize young people? Host Kris Dmytrenko asks Fr. Frank Portelli and Oriana Bertucci what the youth think of the new pontiff. Also on the panel, Auravelia Colomer shares what it was like to be in St. Peter's Square.... view more
Media Coverage of the Conclave
As anyone following newspapers, blogs, newscasts, and social media will know, media coverage of the papal transition can range from the minute to the absurd. What are the issues the media should be talking about? How does a Catholic spokesperson inform an often misinformed society? On today's... view more
A new pope: What he can change, and what he can't
What can we expect from a new pope? That's been the question on everyone's mind, and has featured prominently in recent media coverage of the upcoming papal election. Kris Dmytrenko and guests Dr. Josephine Lombardi, Fr. Frank Portelli, and Matthew Sanders discuss what the real story... view more
Women's roles in the Church
With the recent papal transition in the media, much attention has been focused on the role of women in the Church. Questions have been raised: Should women be ordained as priests? Is there equality in the Church? Does the Church value women? Join us as host Kris Dmytrenko speaks with three diverse Catholic women to hear what they have to say about... view more
Should we care for Holy Sites?
Hope for Africa
Deacon Pedro speaks with Fr. Isidore Ouedraogo, Executive Secretary of Caritas Burkina Faso, and Kelly Di Domenico, Communications Officer for Development and Peace. Fr. Ouedraogo and Di Domenico discuss poverty in Africa, particularly the recent food crisis in the Sahel Region... view more
Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI: A Pope to remember
What a historic moment we are living in the Church! Pope Benedict officially left his office last Thursday and so we start thinking about his legacy. Eight years, 24 travels outside of Italy, three encyclicals, five synods; it is incredible how much this pontificate gave to us. Some say that his real legacy will be his words:view more
Should we care for Holy Sites?
Should we care for Holy Sites?
Should we care for the holy sites? Or should we care about the Holy Sites? Whose responsibility is it to take care of them? Is it the local Church or the universal Church? In the Holy Land, the place where Jesus lived, there are many important and holy sites; as Catholics, is it our duty to take care of them?... view more
Chris Stefanick: What is Chastity?
What is chastity?
What is chastity? How do we make the message of chastity appealing to young people? In this episode of Perspectives Weekly, Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann speaks with Chris Stefanick about chastity and how we can live chastity in our lives. view more
What makes Catholic news?
What makes news Catholic?
Watch television, read newspapers and listen to the radio and you will know what is happening in the world around you. But as we know, the world is becoming more and more secular. Where is the Catholic voice in this world? Should Catholic media outlets cover... view more
2012 Year in Review
What were the most important moments for Catholics in 2012? Was it the canonization of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization, or perhaps the Pope's meeting with Fidel Castro? Deacon Pedro Guevara Mann sits with S+L producers Kris Dmytrenko... view more

"Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel!" 1 Corinthians 9:16

In his message for the 44th World Day of Communications,  Pope Benedict XVI urges priests to open up “broad new vistas for dialogue” and compares cyberspace to the “Court of the Gentiles”, that is, a place to meet and to commune with those of our brothers and sisters who have not yet heard the Good News.

The Holy Father writes that with the “almost limitless expressive capacity” of the new technologies, the Church has an increased duty to harness the media in order “to help our contemporaries to discover the face of Christ”.

With these words from scripture and with John Paul the Great’s “be not afraid” still ringing in our ears, we at Salt +Light are pleased to present Perspectives, our newest programming initiative and our gift to Mother Church as She works to claim technological terrain for Christ. With the wisdom of the Church as our guide, we will be speaking with those on the “front lines” and also with you, our viewers, for your take on things as the Church navigates the digital age. Whether it is blogging priests, film-directing nuns or simply earnest analysis you seek, we’ve got it and we want to hear from you!
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