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Patrick’s Corner

Ever heard of Patrick’s Corner? This week we speak to beloved author Sean Patrick about growing up Catholic in America. Emilie brings us the news, Billy has a question about Holy Water in Church for Dummies and we meet Epic, the Band.

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More Information:

From Emilie:
Listen to the first Latin Broadcast on Vatican Radio.
Read Male and Female He Created Them.

From Billy:
To learn more about exorcisms, listen to Deacon Pedro’s interview with Matt Baglio of The Rite from the October 18, 2014 edition of the SLHour (at 27:00).
You can also read about exorcisms and watch an interview that Kris Dmytrenko did with Matt Baglio.    

And to read more about Exorcisms, read Deacon Pedro’s post:
Deacon-structing the Devil Part 3: Exorcisms

Image courtesy of E.P.I.C. Photo by Oscar Velazquez.