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February 20, 2010

Thousands of aid money is flooding into Haiti – people are encouraged to send donations of supplies and many have even volunteered to go down and help – today we speak to a translator who came up with an idea to use Facebook to help Haitians and we speak with our artist of the week, Andy Carey.

February 13, 2010

The whole world has come to the aid of Haiti – with relief concerts and fundraisers, special programs and campaigns. A group of Catholic artists also have come forth with a compilation album to support the victims of Haiti. Tonight on S+L Radio we learn about AfterMassRecords and we speak with MANN IN BLACK, Fr. James Hughes. Mary Rose also gives us details on how we can celebrate World Marriage Sunday on Feb. 14, and details

January 16, 2010

Can anyone dispute that communication is integral to a good marriage? And among those of us who are married, who can say that we don’t need help with communication? Tonight, Inspirational Speaker and author, John Kuypers helps couples communicate better in marriage. We also hear details about the Ordinations of the two new Auxiliary Bishops of Toronto and how the Church is responding to the crisis in Haiti; and we speak to MANN IN BLACK AND Featured artist, Fr. Tim Devine.