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Lino’s canonization; men after God’s heart and other favourite interviews

A New Day large
This week on a special edition of the SLHour, Lino Rulli, the Catholic Guy makes a case for his early canonization and author David Dayler teaches us how to be men after God’s own heart. We also meet the Spanish Catholic rock band, La Voz del Desierto and Steve Angrisano has a new album, A New Day.

You can also watch the interview with Lino Rulli.
Watch the video of La Voz del Deseirto’s The Lord Gets Me Up Again.

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La Voz del Desierto’s The Lord gets me up again

New video from the rocker priests of the Spanish group, La Voz del Desierto, who just put out their first English-language single, The Lord gets me up again, from their album, Me Vuelves a Levantar.

Video by Alejandro Giménez.

A voice in a Toronto courtroom and in the desert of Spain

La Voz del Desierto
When do we become human? That’s the argument of defense in the prolife activist, Mary Wagner case. This week we speak with Defense attorney Charles Lugosi about it. Danny Torchia teaches us how to make the perfect media kit and we meet the Spanish rock group La Voz del Desierto.

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