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The SLHour Easter Edition

A Massachusetts sunrise, by Francisco Marty
Join us for a special Easter edition of the SLHour with all our contributors giving their segments a little Easter twist: Andrew Santos has an Easter saint; Sr. Marie-Paul Curley has the windows to the soul about a film about life after death, Mark Matthews tells us what the Passion narrative tells about the good in Hollywood, Danny Torchia gives us good PR advice taken from the Easter story, and Gillian Kantor learns an Easter lesson from her kids. Plus we listen to great songs about new life, love and resurrection, by Steve Angrisano, L’Angelus, Rebecca Roubion, Sarah Kroger, Chris Bray and Full Armor Band.

Christ is risen! Alleluia! He is risen!

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Living a life of everyday miracles…

What is the secret to living a life of miracles everyday? This week Jackie von Zwehl, author of The Prayer, A Love Story will tell us. Danny Torchia speaks to us about the importance of photography in media relations work, Jeff Compton of WJTA 88.9FM Holy Family Radio in Ohio is hosting a new show, the Catholic Playlist and we meet the Cajun Catholic group, L’Angelus.

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La Chandelle Est Allumée by L’Angelus

Meet this Cajun family, Katie, Paige, Johnny and Steve Rees from Louisiana. Here they are in a fun music video set to their rendition of La Chandelle est Allumée (the candle is lit). Meet L’Angelus.