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Meeting God in the Upper Room

How can we find God in the upper room in our lives today? This week, Mons. Peter Vaghi tells us about his new book; Billy Chan learns more about how to read the Bible and Gillian Kantor learns something from her children. Also Sebastian Gomes speaks with Sr. Nualla Kenny about assisted dying on Connect5 and singer/songwriter Chris Bray has a new album, Joy in My Heart.

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Watch Sebastian Gomes’ conversation with Sr. Nualla Kenny on Connect5.

Turns out Chris Bray has been on the SLHour six times! Listen to all previous interviews:
May 21, 2015
March 22, 2014
March 10, 2012
November 5, 2011
April 9, 2011
July 10, 2010

Watch Emilie’s Reflection in the Upper Room (in French).

Mass starting your life!

Out of DarknessWhere do you begin your race? This week we speak with Rebecca Dussault, Cross-Country Ski Olympian, about health, holiness and family; we learn about a Catholic blogging community on Tumblr; Gillian Kantor tells us what she learned from her kids this week and we meet the Catholic band, Out of Darkness.

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February 11, 2012

Pope John Paul left us a clear set of priorities for the new millennium. This week we return to our regular S+L Radio programming by listening to music by Marcel Dion and speaking to him about how we must go out into the deep as set by Pope John Paul in Novo Millennio Ineunte; Gillian Kantor tells us what her kids taught her this week and we speak with author Lorraine Shelstad about her new book The Cameo.

January 21, 2012

This week, we continue with some of our best interviews, artists and songs from 2011. This week we hear from author, Dorothy Pilarski, about her book, Motherhood Matters, and Fr. Scott Hurd tells us about the power of forgiveness. We also listen to music from Chris Bray and a featured chat with John Michael Talbot.