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How can we be men after God’s heart?

How do modern men fulfill their responsibilities and still have time for God? This week Deacon Pedro speaks with David Dayler, author of Being a Man After God’s Own Heart. Danny Torchia teaches us how to write the perfect press release and Steve Angrisano has a new album, A New Day.

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Project Rachel offers healing

Curtis Stephan
So often our pro-life work focuses on preventing the abortion. But what happens after an abortion? Today we learn about Project Rachel (also see The National Office for Post abortion Reconciliation and Healing),  a ministry for women and men who are hurting as a result of a past abortion experience. Mary Marocco and Mària Karajovanova join us to tell us about their Project Rachel retreats at the St. Mary of Egypt Refuge. Danny Torchia offers some PR advice for all, and our featured artist of the week is artist Curtis Stephan, who has a new album Amid Passing Things and a new song book, Songs for Prayer and Worship.

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We have a Jesuit pope!

Pope Francis
We have a pope! Today on the SLHOUR we speak Fr. Peter Bisson, SJ, the Provincial for the Jesuits in English Canada about what it means to have a Jesuit pope; Sr. Marie-Paul Curley shows us the windows to the soul of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Les Misérables; Andrew Santos introduces us to a Jesuit saint and we meet the general manager of the Spirit and Song music label, Robert Feduccia.

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