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Video of the week: The Martyr’s Project – Romero

From the new album The Project: Martyrs Prayers: An extraordinary endeavour born out of love – love for the Church, love for music and, perhaps most importantly, love for friends.

The album also represents a diverse community of artists bound together by the very faith articulated on the album tracks and by their friendship and love for one another. The artists’ diversity is wide – Roman Catholics and Evangelicals, Methodists and Anglicans, those of varied political persuasions – all bound together by their friendship and their common desire to honor the martyrs.

The album, however, is also, more than fantastic music. It is packaged with a wealth of information in liner notes, biographies and resource materials. It is a call to know the past and transform the present; to find purpose in life from the question asked of us all: “WHAT WOULD YOU DIE FOR?”

THE PROJECT IS: Michael Glen Bell & Duane W.H. Arnold with: Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehil, Jennifer Knapp, Glenn Kaiser, Kemper Crabb, Ronnie Ciago, Wayne Berry, The McCrary Sisters, John Sferra, Margaret Becker and Mike Pachelli.