1 day

A home built in one day. An over ambitious goal? Not for engineer Tom Pirelli who first achieved the dream in 2006 as a response to the realities of homelessness. Today, more than 3 years later, Tom's vision has drawn in volunteers from all over North America seeking to help answer the prayers of underprivileged families in the world's poorest regions.

The new Salt + Light documentary 1 Day follows one such group made up of 8 high school students from Loyola High School in Montreal who travel to Ensenada, Mexico to embark on a home building mission that would forever change their lives. In just one day, they build a home for the endearing Comacho-Gómez family who teaches them more about life than they could ever hope to learn in the classroom. From countless unexpected discoveries to witnessing the power of prayer first hand, the students share all in this moving piece that offers a glimpse into the project that is changing the world, one home at a time.

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Executive Producer
Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B.
Gita Hosek
Written & Directed by
Michale Nuzzo
Edited & Co-directed by
Marc Boudignon
Moussa Faddoul
Additional Footage
Wally Tello
Graphic Artwork by
Marc Boudignon
Post Production Sound
Spence-Thomas Audio Post
Sound Engineer
Shaun Firth
Musical score written and composed by
Carlos Quintana
Guitar: Carlos Quintana
Brass: Manuel Venegas
Drums: Yosvani Estep
Sequencing: Carlos Quintana
Sound Engineer and Mix: Andrés Huerta
© 2009 Carlos Quintana
All rights reserved. Used with Permission.
Magnificat written and composed by
Friar César López
Additional music provided by
Tony Sandate's Sunset Meditations © 2004 Weaving Libra Records (P) 2004 Weaving Libra Records. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.
Special Thanks
Jesuits of English Speaking Canada
Loyola Jesuit Community in Montreal
Loyola High School, Montreal Canada
Tom Pirelli and the Arial Homes Initiative
Malcom Taylor of YWAM
This film was made possible through the generous support of The Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus For further information, please visit: www.arialhome.org