BLOG: Maria Montemayor
Is it possible for an indisputably flawed person to be an angel in disguise? That’s a question viewers grapple with when they meet Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank), a hairdresser with an unhealthy attachment to alcohol. more
Blessed Marie-Léonie Paradis, the founder of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family, is one step closer to sainthood. more
Inklings of The Humble Servant Shop began when Diane Tchoi, 27, joined a World Youth Day (WYD) group from St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Parish that was going to Lisbon. more
Over the years, I haven't done much to prepare for Christmas apart from buying presents and attending the occasional Advent retreat. more
What if Mary and Joseph met before their betrothal? How did King Herod and his son feel about the birth of a new king? "Journey to Bethlehem" answers these questions and more. more
As a minority Catholic country, the pope is relatively unknown in Mongolia. Over fifty percent of the people practice Buddhism, while there are less than 1,500 practising Catholics in the country. During a media roundtable, Salesian Father Jaroslav Vracovský, a pastor in Mongolia, said that locals were “shocked” when they found out that the pope more