BLOG: Matthew Neugebauer
The Holy See Press Office released the program for Pope Francis' trip to Venice coming up this Sunday more
The new film about the future Doctor of the Church commemorates the 850th anniversary of his canonization. more
Last week, we heard the Virgin Mary sing of her blessedness enduring through "all generations" (Luke 1:48). This week, we hear that her ancestor David is also blessed through "all generations" (Psalm 89:4). more
Do we have a sense of eternity? If we're honest with ourselves, not really. Yes, we believe in the resurrection of the dead, the reception of the saints to eternal blessedness, and the time of purging in-between. more
Writing can often be a struggle. It doesn't matter how experienced or skilled you are — sometimes, a draft simply doesn't work. more
Welcome back to Advent. It’s been waiting for you. That season of longing, of hope, of light piercing the dark, like a candle in a cave or a flashlight in a tunnel. more