BLOG: Mary Rose Bacani Valenti
You may have picked up some detective skills from Fr. Michael Prieur in the past two episodes of Panes of Glory. Look closely at this window. Could the dog, at the bottom left, be significant to what is going on? What could be revealing of the conversion taking place in the heart of this soldier? more
If I want to relieve myself of physical pain, I could go to a doctor of medicine. If I want to know the argument for God’s existence, I could go to a doctor of philosophy. But if I want to know God so that I could love Him, I could go to a doctor of more
Seventy-year-old Fr. Michael Prieur is a professor of Moral and Sacramental Theology at St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ontario; he is also a bioethics specialist and an author of numerous books.  But there is one topic that has intrigued him so much that he wrote a book about it and shared it with us at more
It was truly a glorious night of rejoicing and being among family and friends! Last night, St. Peter’s Seminary Foundation hosted the premiere of the first episode of Panes of Glory: The Windows of St. Peter’s Seminary — three times. At 3:00 pm, St. Peter’s Seminary staff and students gathered together to relish Fr. Prieur’s more
Around ten months ago, I jumped into a new venture. I made a large mosaic mirror with my husband.  We bought broken coloured glass from a local arts and crafts store for the frame.  We were very happy with our final product.  But imagine if I had access to the finest glass from Europe! That’s more
Last week, the Downtown Chapel in Portland, Oregon, made a special announcement:  they’re changing their parish name.  A recent degree by the Archbishop of Portland will change the Church’s patronage from St. Vincent de Paul to the Congregation of Holy Cross’ first saint, St. André Bessette. For any of you who have seen the documentary more