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As we enter 2020, having heard the best new albums of 2019, let’s now revisit albums released by Catholic artists in 2018 and featured on our program. ...read more
Before we let go of the year, let’s look at some new albums released by Catholic artists in 2019 and featured on the SLHour – tune in for some of the best new contemporary Catholic songs of the year, featuring , Marie Miller, Sarah Hart, Taylor Tripodi, Sarah Kroger, Rita West, Ivan Diaz, Timothy Smith, ...read more
Check out the SLHour Christmas special and find out how you can win Nancy Bodsworth's Christmas album, The Greatest Gift. ...read more
Francky and his guest, Father Gordon Rixon, SJ, discuss elements of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and how they relate to Laudato Si’. ...read more
Can you believe in the Real Presence and not believe in Transubstantiation? This week, author and theologian Brett Salkeld explains. ...read more
Liturgy, scriptures, creeds, prayers, art, and literature are important sources of Christology which answer in different ways the question: “Who is Jesus?” ...read more