Our character for the second week of Advent is John the Baptist. more
Writing can often be a struggle. It doesn't matter how experienced or skilled you are — sometimes, a draft simply doesn't work. more
On December 8, the Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. more
Synods are ecclesial gatherings, intense moments of reflection on the Word of God symbolized by the presence of the Book of the Gospels enthroned in the midst of the assembly. more
In the last catecheses we saw that the proclamation of the Gospel is joy, it is for everyone, and it is addressed to today. more
Over the years, I haven't done much to prepare for Christmas apart from buying presents and attending the occasional Advent retreat. more
I offer my cordial greetings and I am grateful to each of you for having accepted the invitation of Cardinal Aveline to participate in these meetings. more
This year, I’m making homemade soaps for my daughters as they have very sensitive skin, which tends to worsen during the fall and winter seasons when the indoor heating is on. more
St. Barbara is a saint and martyr (circa +235) venerated in Christianity, specifically in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. more
Welcome back to Advent. It’s been waiting for you. That season of longing, of hope, of light piercing the dark, like a candle in a cave or a flashlight in a tunnel. more