What Dante Taught Me About Humility
Christopher M. Bellitto
November 10, 2023
It’s humbling to write a book about humility. It’s hard to talk about, too. How can you say, “I’m proud to be humble” or “Fall in line behind my shining example of humility”? As a Yiddish proverb teaches, “Too humble is half proud.” more
Red Wednesday: November 15, 2023
Aid to the Church in Need Canada
November 9, 2023
For almost ten years now, Red Wednesday has been a must-attend international event for a growing number of Christians around the world. more
Among the many witnesses of the passion for the proclamation of the Gospel, those impassioned evangelizers, today I will present a twentieth-century French woman, the venerable servant of God Madeleine Delbrêl. more
The great damage inflicted among Indigenous Peoples by the colonizing projects in North America/Turtle Island, including the far too frequent complicity of the churches with them, is something that can hardly be overstated. more
We pray for the Holy Father; as he fulfills his mission, may he continue to accompany the flock entrusted to him, with the help of the Holy Spirit. more
On Wednesday, October 25, the Salt + Light Media original documentary Walking Together was awarded the Prix Excellence (Award of Excellence) from AMéCO, the Montreal-based Catholic and Ecumenical Media Association. more
A doctor of the Law comes to Jesus under a pretext, in order to test him. The question he asks, however, is an important and enduring one that, at times, arises in our own hearts and in the life of the Church more
As the proceedings of the first session of the 16th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops draw to a close, we want to thank God with all of you for the beautiful and enriching experience we have lived. more
Today I will talk to you about two brothers, very famous in the east, to the point of being called “the apostles of the Slavs”: Saints Cyril and Methodius. more
Throughout the Synodal Assembly here in Rome, a new method is being used for the first time. It’s called conversations in the Spirit, maybe you’ve heard of it already. more