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The week started off with a shocking theft, the recovery of the stolen item (in multiple installments) the announcement of a new book that is already getting a mixed reception, an audience with an American University, the announcement that several people are moving closer to sainthood….and it closed with the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of more
by Elizabeth Krump It’s part of the human condition: we all crave connection. Friendship, fellowship, relationship – these are enormously important concepts to us. We have a desire to understand and be understood, to love and to be loved, not just in a romantic way, but in an emotional and spiritual way. And while it more
In a week when the media was focusing on bishops with lavish spending habits, and funeral rites for Nazi war criminals, Pope Francis was drawing people back to what matters: prayer. Pope Francis put prayer front and centre this week any chance he could get. On Thursday the official papal tweet read: “Our prayer cannot more
This post is part of a series of reflections by TJP writers on Pope Francis’s recent interview. Full Series List: The Papal Interview: Young Jesuits React and Reflect The Original Interview: At America Magazine By Jason Welle, SJ Pope Francis’s interview has many people, not least us here at TJP, jumping for joy, and rightly more
If you’ve been paying close attention to the subjects of the past three episodes of Panes of Glory, you would have noticed that we haven’t touched on any windows of women.  Are they in hiding?  Are they not important? For this last episode in the series, be prepared to meet some of the most powerful more
Women – particularly mothers – are hard on themselves. This became very apparent to me as I joined the ranks of mommy groups after my first baby was born two years ago. With the pressures of caring for our children, our homes, and our family’s faith life placed squarely on our shoulders, we have good more