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The Canadian magazine Maclean’s has published a lengthy article titled The Truth About Priests. The article addresses clergy abuse, and uses the recent Bishop Raymond Lahey scandal as a starting point. It includes interviews with different psychologists, priests, authors, and victims. The article can be read HERE. ...read more
Obtenir le lecteur Flash pour voir cette vidéo. As many of our readers know Salt + Light Television CEO Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, was in Rome at the end of October as part of his role as a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. While there he spoke with Catholic News Service’s Cindy ...read more
The president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli presented Salt + Light Television CEO Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, to Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday, October 29th. A consultor to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Fr. Rosica was among those in attendance at the Apostolic Palace for an address by ...read more
Dear Brother Bishops, First of all I would like to thank Archbishop Weisgerber with all my heart for the kind words he addressed to me on your behalf as well as for this video which has moved me because of the good will that has inspired it. The Plenary Assembly of the Canadian Conference of ...read more
[Tony Gagliano is the Executive Chairman and CEO of St. Joseph Communications and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Salt + Light Catholic Media Foundation.] On behalf of the Board of Directors of Salt + Light, I extend to you my most heartfelt welcome and thanks for supporting this event. The moment I ...read more
[Hilary Weston is former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Member of the Order Of Canada, Member of the Order of Ontario, and President of the Hilary Weston Foundation for Youth. She and her husband Galen donated one million dollars to Salt + Light Television for the development of a new series of programs that will feature ...read more
Obtenir le lecteur Flash pour voir cette vidéo. More than 150 business and community leaders from across the country gathered tonight at the Royal Ontario Museum to celebrate and show support for Salt + Light Television. The event raised $1.9 million in much needed support of our Canadian Catholic television network. The evening was full ...read more
This past Sunday in parishes across Nova Scotia, a letter was read from Archbishop Anthony Mancini, the Archbishop of Halifax, Apostolic Administrator of Yarmouth and Apostolic Administrator of Antigonish. The letter offers his reaction to the arrest of Bishop Raymond Lahey on charges of possession and importation of child pornography. October 2nd 2009 To the ...read more
The following article comes from Deborah Gyapong of Canadian Catholic News: Bishops poised to become more effective in the public square By Deborah Gyapong Canadian Catholic News September 17, 2009 OTTAWA (CCN)— The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) is poised to become more effective in the public square. Two former Members of Parliament—a Liberal ...read more
We are grateful to the Catholic Channel of SIRIUS Radio for releasing to us the transcript of Fr. Rosica’s interview on Across the Nation with Veteran broadcaster Bob Dunning. The interview aired on the Catholic Channel on September 9, 2009. Several articles have been based on this transcript. Bob Dunning: Father, you didn’t mince any ...read more