BLOG: Catholic Focus
In Jesus’ time, his message spread by word of mouth from one village to another. Today, Jesus’ message is one among thousands. How do we get our story out there in the age of twitter and blogs? The Association of Roman Catholic Communicators tries to answer this question, bringing together Catholic communicators to share resources more
The civil war in Syria has raged for over 16 months. Rebels have clashed with the government forces of President Bashar al-Assad resulting in the displacement of much of the country’s population. One man who has been left homeless by the conflict is Fr. Paolo Dall’Oglio, an Italian Jesuit who spent the last three decades more
Join host Mary Rose Bacani as she celebrates the Year of the Priest. In this episode of Catholic Focus, Mary Rose takes a closer look at St. John Vianney who was known for his personal holiness and zeal for leading souls back to God through confession. Original Airdate: 18 June 2009 more
Fr. Paolo Dall’Oglio at Salt + Light Television along with members of the Syrian community of Toronto and members of the Salt + Light team. The civil war in Syria is perhaps the most volatile issue in international affairs today. This is high stakes showdown that has seen all of the major powers of the more
As we relive the highlights of World Youth Day 2002, Pedro sits with Catholic singer/songwriter Sarah Hart to speak about her ministry and her music. more
Our approach to Youth Ministry varies from country to country and in Canada from Province to Province, but Fr. John Yake, argues that there is a model for youth ministry that can be followed. This is why programs such as COR (Christ in Others Retreat) and World Youth Day are successful in making disciples. more
Admirers of the 20th century journalist G.K. Chesterton talk about this “Apostle of Common Sense”. What does he have to say about the need to return to common sense to battle the moral ills of today? more
What does the Euthanasia bill really state? How does its legalization impact the fields of Medicine and Law? Join Mary Rose Bacani as she speaks with Shannon Joseph, Dr. Margaret Somerville and other guests about the identity of the medical doctor and the impact that the legalization of euthanasia would have on it. more
In this episode of Catholic Focus, host Gillian Kantor explores some of the options for caring for our aging relatives and friends. Features include a visit to a Catholic Retirement Home and to a family providing in-home care. more
Once told in black and white imagery, Canada’s war history now includes vivid scenes from contemporary Afghanistan. From a Catholic perspective, host Kris Dmytrenko examines a nation at war. more