BLOG: Word Alive
Your light has come | Word Alive
Gabrielle Sinclair
December 31, 2021
The example of the Magi reminds us that participation is what expansive love looks like, to be present and engaged. more
In this Sunday's reading, we see a very human Holy Family. Let's take some encouragement from that and allow our own families to be human, too. more
With humility comes approachability | Word Alive
Deacon Dennis Lambert
December 17, 2021
Mary's humility calls us to her; it begs us to come to her and to allow her to intercede on our behalf. And the source of her humility is God himself. more
Daniel Torchia proposes a simple way of spending ourselves and harnessing our fear that is a path toward everlasting peace and joy. more
Making straight our paths | Word Alive
Rebecca Dussault
December 3, 2021
Every one of us has uneven spirits, rough relationships, and mountains of our own sanctity to scale. So what should we do about them? more
In the Gospel for the First Sunday of Advent, Jesus warns us about the end times. The signs are here. Our redemption is at hand. Are we ready? more
To be a disciple of Christ is to swear an oath of loyalty to the King of kings. When we do so, let us do it in a very real way, with all that this implies. more
Learning from the fig tree | Word Alive
Martín Valverde
November 12, 2021
Everything has a cycle, a beginning and an end, and we learn from this how to interpret our own times and seasons of life, as individuals and as a society. more
Like the widow in this Sunday's Gospel, even when we think we don’t have enough, we must give what we lack so that God can complete and fulfill it. more
The map for a good and happy life | Word Alive
Carlos Ferreira
October 29, 2021
When Jesus identifies the greatest commandments as love of God and neighbour, in reality he is telling us how to live a good and happy life. more