BLOG: Paul Jarzembowski
Pope Francis reflects on Psalm 71 in which the psalmist looks back on a life entrusted to God's care and reaffirms his trust in the Lord. more
When it looks like Virginia-Ann's severe food allergies will end her dream of becoming a military chaplain, something surprising happens. more
An ecumenism of the heart | One Body
Sr. Donna Geernaert, SC
May 31, 2022
This summer, the World Council of Churches will hold its 11th General Assembly, the most diverse Christian gathering of its size in the world. more
Somewhere beyond the clouds | Word Alive
Carissa Douglas
May 27, 2022
On the feast of the Ascension, Carissa Douglas reflects that we are called both to look forward to heaven and to be Christ’s presence at work in the world. more
In today's catechesis, Pope Francis reflects on wisdom from the book of Ecclesiastes, which encourages us to place all of our trust in God. more
When weather threatens plans for Chiara Badano's beatification, the organizers decide it's time for a radical display of trust. more
Bearing the light of the Lamb | Word Alive
Deacon Eric Gurash
May 20, 2022
As we approach the end of the Easter season, it is a perfect time for us to reflect on where and how we are called to bear our Easter light. more
Pope Francis explores how the elderly, like Job, can teach us how to unite our suffering to the cross of Jesus Christ, trusting in God's mercy and goodness. more
Read the full text of Pope Francis’ message for the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which will be observed on September 25, 2022. more
Read the full text of Pope Francis’ message for 2nd World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, which will be celebrated on July 24, 2022. more