BLOG: Pedro Guevara Mann
It took me a while to figure out what exactly is the Holy Land. I mean, most people probably think of the modern country Israel as “the Holy Land,” but is it? Arriving in Jordan, we quickly figured out that the term “Holy Land” applies to an area much larger than what is modern-day Israel. more
The census is back in the news with the government potentially voting on keeping or scrapping the mandatory long-form. Several years ago (either 1991 or 1995), I was fairly unemployed and Fr. Bert Foliot, SJ, my pastor at the time, hooked me up to work for the Census Canada. All I had to do was more
Living Stones
Deacon Pedro
September 24, 2010
The Holy Land is considered holy because Jesus lived here. It is also holy because most of the prophets lived around here. But it is also important because here is where it all began: Christianity was born here. Today though, 2000 years later, we equate the Middle East with Muslims. We hear about Jews and more
A couple of weeks ago I went back to camp. I was reminded of my first job in Canada: I was a counsellor at Camp Wahanowin in Orillia. Camp Wahanowin is a Jewish camp and before every meal we used to say the blessing of the bread: Barukh attah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, ha-motzi lechem more
Last Saturday night, in Calgary, Catholic artists from across North America gathered for the 10th annual United Catholic Music and Video Awards and Conference, under the theme “Called to Serve”. The UCMVA was founded with the aim of bringing together Catholic presenters from around the world who celebrate their faith through various forms of media, more
We are all familiar with award ceremonies –the Oscars, the Junos, the Grammys, the Genies and Geminis – there are also Catholic film and TV awards, the Gabriels – for the last two years S+L TV has won the award for TV station of the year – but have you heard of Catholic music awards? more
What’s happening to Perspectives: The Weekly Edition during the summer?  That’s the question many of you are asking yourselves this week as you log in incessantly, hour after hour, to our facebook page and our Perspectives page, looking for a new question and for new updates. We’re taking a break. That’s the short answer. The more
Today I’m thinking about summer… ahh summer… I remember very clearly, as if it was yesterday, the last day of school before the summer break – not sure why we even went to school that day, ’cause it was one big party. We would celebrate the end of the school year and then… hello freedom! more
Last week we went on a mission. Wally, the ever reliable cameraman, and I went with a group of students from St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary school in Mississauga, Ontario, on a mission trip to the Yukon. The plan was to spend the first two days at Camp Braeburn, north of Whitehorse helping get more
When our kids were younger, we received a CD from a friend in Alberta. Almost immediately this CD became the most-listened-to CD in our house. My kids wanted to listen to it every time we were in the car – not always great for the parents – however; when you have a CD titled “Mary more