A 3 o’clock prayer | Everyday Miracles
Lisa Yglesias
September 1, 2021
Lisa and her friend are driving home from university for Easter. Lisa prays for protection at 3 o’clock, not knowing how much she was about to need it. more
We join Pope Francis in praying that we all will make courageous choices for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. more
Living relationships are changing relationships. So it’s not surprising to see a new approach to Anglican–Roman Catholic dialogue after some 55 years. more
In the hand or on the tongue? Deacon Pedro looks at these two ways of receiving Communion and what the Church has to say about them. more
The Museum of Family Prayer in Easton, Massachusetts, is featured in episode 2 of Historia Vitae. Here's why you should visit - and bring your family! more
Jesus is not advocating for a lack of cleanliness. He is calling us to make the ritual of our faithfulness a reflection of the true state of our soul. more
The news from Afghanistan is daunting. What can we do from so many thousands of kilometres away? How can we help? more
Selling our home | Everyday Miracles
Joseph San Jose
August 25, 2021
Joseph and his wife are willing to pray hard to sell their home, but one thing they know they will not do: bury a statue of St. Joseph. more
As Christians, we must rediscover and become witnesses to the profound "weirdness" of our faith for the world in which we have been called to live. more
Deacon Pedro discusses how and how often we should receive Communion. more