Whenever I see a rosary hanging on someone’s rear-view mirror, I automatically feel a kinship with the Catholic driver. However, a rosary is not a decoration. It is a powerful spiritual tool, and popes have been encouraging Catholics to pray the Rosary for years. Since October is the month of the Rosary, here are three more
After listening sessions, Canadian bishops write to young people
Nicholas Elbers, Catholic News Service
October 13, 2022
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (CNS) — As parish youth coordinator at St. Matthew’s in Surrey, Eleanor Wong sees firsthand the struggles that young people have with the church, so she’s welcoming a new pastoral letter from Canada’s bishops that tells young people they have unique contributions to make to the church and to the world. The more
Blessed Carlo Acutis May 3, 1991 – October 12, 2006 Beatified: October 10, 2020 Feast Day: October 12 Millennial, computer programmer, gamer, and on the way to sainthood. Blessed Carlo Acutis reminds us that God can use anyone and anything to share His love, including a teenager who spent a lot of his time becoming more
In today’s catechesis, Pope Francis reflects on discernment and the desire of the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda to be healed. Read the full text below: Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! In these catecheses on discernment we are reviewing the elements of discernment. After prayer, one element, and self-knowledge, another element, that is, more
October 11, 2022 marks 60 years since the start of the Second Vatican Council. So what was Vatican II and why does it matter today? Vatican II was the biggest Church event in the 20th century, bringing together all the bishops of the Catholic Church – 2,625 of them! – with the pope and many more
A little over a week ago, I arrived back from my pilgrimage to Israel and Egypt. I was tanned from the Egyptian sun, sleep-deprived and jet-lagged, but happy to be home.  The first week of the pilgrimage, my fellow pilgrims and I visited many sites and places including Capernaum, the House of Peter, Magdala, Tabgha, more
Cardinal Cantalamessa has been the official preacher to St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis. Hear his take on Pope Francis and God’s plan for our planet. Watch now:   Intervention of His Eminence Cardinal Michael Czerny, S.J. In 2015, Pope Francis released his great encyclical letter Laudato si’. It has had more
In today’s catechesis, Pope Francis reflects on how good discernment requires self-knowledge and patient soul-searching. Read the full text below: Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! Let us continue to explore the theme of discernment. Last time we considered prayer, understood as familiarity and confidence with God, as its indispensable element. Prayer, not like parrots. more
  Christ’s love moves the world to reconciliation and unity by Nicholas Jesson   “The WCC puts unity before justice!” This was the complaint of one Canadian participant in the World Council of Churches’ 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany. The 65 Canadian participants gathered recently to debrief their experience of the August 31st to September more
Join us in prayer for the intentions entrusted to us by Pope Francis. For October 2022, we join the Holy Father in praying for: A Church open to everyone We pray for the Church; ever faithful to, and courageous in preaching the Gospel, may the Church be a community of solidarity, fraternity and welcome, always more