BLOG: Spain
The first Mass of the Pope’s Apostolic Visit to Spain took place in Obradoiro Square next to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The square was filled to capacity with over 7,000 people  present, including an estimated 600 priests and 100 Cardinals and Bishops. Another 20,000 people were in the vicinity for the event. The more
‘VIVA PAPA’ was shouted out by the 6,000 faithful gathered in the Plaza Obradoiro to greet the Pope as he arrived at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Pope Benedict got the full pilgrim experience at the Cathedral. He was given a pilgrim cape with the symbolic scallops adorning it. The scallop signifies the symbol more
El Papa está en España! Pope Benedict XVI’s plane touched down at 6:30 am ET. He was greeted by members of the Spanish Royal Family, the Princes of Asturias, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia. Many government officials and hundreds of locals came out to greet the Pope with great enthusiasm. ‘Viva Papa!’ was called out more
Did you know that, in a mere 11 hours, Pope Benedict will be in plane over the Mediterranean, en route to Spain? You’re not alone if this is the first you’ve heard of it. But if the Holy Father doesn’t figure into your plans this weekend, you will have missed one of the most visually more
Pope Benedict XVI is heading to Spain tomorrow. Salt + Light has all of the events of his visit LIVE on our television channel and streaming online. It will be a busy two days for the Holy Father… On Saturday November 6th, The Pope is visiting the city of Santiago de Compostela, the final destination more