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We join Pope Francis in praying that Christian families around the world may embody and experience unconditional love and advance in holiness. more
Read the full text of Pope Francis' address to the Indigenous delegates from Canada on the final day of their delegation to the Holy See. more
We join Pope Francis in praying that young people may look to Mary as an example and model for how to live life to the fullest. more
We join Pope Francis in praying that health care workers may be adequately supported by governments and local communities. more
Read this statement from the CCCB announcing the departure for Rome of a delegation of 32 Indigenous representatives who will meet with Pope Francis. more
Use this text to join Pope Francis in consecrating Ukraine, Russia, and all of humanity to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Friday, March 25. more
Fr. John Strickland, author of Paradise and Utopia, talks about his newest book and viewing Western Church history from an Eastern Orthodox perspective. more
Join Pope Francis in praying for an end to the war in Ukraine with this special prayer, recited during his General Audience on March 16. more
We join Pope Francis in praying that Christians facing new bioethical challenges may continue to defend the dignity of all human life with prayer and action. more
Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick speaks with Benjamin Boivin about his new book, the deeper meaning behind the Gospel, and the narrative of reenchantment. more