Every time I visit my relatives in France, I devote a day to visiting Notre Dame de Lourdes in the Pau region. It's an essential pilgrimage, one that gives me spiritual strength. The pilgrimage allows me to reflect on my Christian life and, at the same time, experience inner peace. more
Learn about the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Maronites, from their roots in Lebanon to the horizons of the world. more
In our itinerary of catechesis on the vices and virtues, today we will look at a rather ugly vice, sorrow, understood as a despondency of the soul, a constant affliction that prevents man from feeling joy at his own existence. more
Those who are terminally ill are the ones who are the most in need. Rather than seeing them as useless and disposable parts of society, we need to regard them with respect and give them the dignity that is due. more
Some friends of mine recently undertook a little renovation project in their home: nothing major – just a couple of bathrooms, a laundry room and a fresh coat of paint on some walls. more
Let us pray that the sick who are in the final stages of life, and their families, receive the necessary medical and human care and accompaniment. more
Today we will pause to reflect on the vice of wrath. Now we are talking about vices and virtues: today it is time to reflect on the vice of wrath. more
Blessed Marie-Léonie Paradis, the founder of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family, is one step closer to sainthood. more
Euthanasia is becoming accessible to an increasing number of Canadians. What should we know about these changes? more
We are continuing our catechesis on vices and virtues, and today we will talk about avarice, that form of attachment to money that keeps man from generosity. more