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At 46, Bishop Mylo Vergara is the youngest bishop in the Philippines. He came to Toronto from the Diocese of San Jose de Nueva Ecija — which is 160 kilometres north of Manila and has 21 parishes — to talk to the 530 young people at the OCY Celebration of Youth Banquet last night. OCY ...read more
The Holy Spirit in Sacred Scripture Christian theology of the Holy Spirit is rooted in Judaism. The term Spirit translates the Hebrew word (ruah) and even in the pronunciation of it we detect God’s wind and breath. The wind of God, the breath of God, the presence of God are all ways of referring to ...read more
“The tyranny of the autonomous self. ” What an interesting phrase to consider. It’s a phrase from Bishop John Corriveau at the latest edition of Nothing More Beautiful. As many of you know, Nothing More Beautiful is a five year initiative of the Archdiocese of Edmonton featuring catechesis and witness talks that aim to renew ...read more
As a follow-up to Sunday’s entry about Pope2You.Net — the Vatican is reporting that in its first day of operation the website received half a million visits. Webmaster Father Paolo Padrini of Vatican Radio, said the site is intended “to create a climate of belonging, of participating in the Church, through ever greater closeness with ...read more
A couple of weeks ago I posted an entry titled: What If I Was Miss California – and I wondered how I would answer if I was asked the same question she was asked, on national television. The question is: Do you believe every State (in the U.S.) should legalise same-sex marriage? My response would ...read more
NOTE: The following text, in English and French, was presented by Fr. Rosica as the Keynote Address to the Montée Jeunesse (Youth Summit) 2009 on May 15th at Laval University, Québec City (You may remember Therese Nichols’s blog last week about this event). The embedded video of Fr. Rosica presenting the address is entirely in ...read more
If you missed it when it first came out in January, you may want to check out Pope Benedict XVI’s MESSAGE for the 43rd World’s Day of Communications, which we mark today. It’s worth the read, particularly as it discusses how relationships are being formed by new technologies ( I’m thinking particularly of Facebook or ...read more
On April 15th, Ron Howard’s latest film adaptation hit the big screens. This time he brought to life Dan Brown’s thriller Angels & Demons. I read the book about two years ago while I was living in Rome. I would describe the book as a page-turner, the exact type of book you’d like to be ...read more
“Parting is such sweet sorrow.” So Archbishop Migliore quoted Shakespeare the Great in the homily for Thursday’s Mass at the close of the Catholic Social Teaching seminar in New York City. How appropriate it is that, just like the Apostles who were sent out by Jesus, we are also being sent back home to apply ...read more
The angels’ words to the “men of Galilee” in the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles for the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord [1:1-11] are painfully blunt and leave little room for misinterpretation: “Why do you stand here looking up at the skies? This Jesus who has been taken from you ...read more