BLOG: Deacon Pedro
Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann gives us the lowdown on holy days of obligation. What and when are they? And why do we have them? more
You probably know that the Church has feast days to commemorate important saints and events. But did you know there are different ranks of feast days? more
Were you surprised at the news last week that women are now allowed to serve as lectors and acolytes? Deacon Pedro tells us everything we need to know. more
God calls everyone. But most of the time he calls us through someone else. When was the last time you pointed someone to Christ? more
Deacon Pedro shares his thoughts and 20 favourite quotes from Pope Francis' new book, Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future. more
We need to be friends to all we meet but especially to the poor and needy. And who is a friend? Deacon Pedro concludes this series on the voice of illness. more
Deacon Pedro shares four insights that he has learned about suffering from experiences in his own life. more
The Bible is full of violence and suffering, and it is full of innocent sufferers. Deacon Pedro looks at some instructive examples. more
Deacon Pedro explores the voice of illness in the context of pastoral ministry. more
Jesus always confronted suffering with healing, with forgiveness of sins, and by offering hope and comfort. What can we learn from his example? more