BLOG: Holy Land
The tone of S+L’s latest documentary is set by a lone organ. Playing the instrument is Joe Zambon, a folk singer-songwriter originally from the rural town of Iroquois, Ontario, but now residing in Toronto. A guitar joins the organ moments later, and then the hushed lyrics, “In the darkest night of my soul, God Himself more
It took me a while to figure out what exactly is the Holy Land. I mean, most people probably think of the modern country Israel as “the Holy Land,” but is it? Arriving in Jordan, we quickly figured out that the term “Holy Land” applies to an area much larger than what is modern-day Israel. more
It is Saturday and we arrive to a house in a middle-class neighbourhood of west Amman. There is quite a crowd gathering for the day’s events. Inside, the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary have a full-morning planned. In the back room there are dozens of children participating in an activity. They are all Iraqis displaced because more
It is my hope that, with Bishops from around the world gathered for this year’s Synod on the Middle East, the eyes of the world will be turned to Rome for new insights on how to respond to issues in the Middle East. When I was in grade 10, we had a foreign student come more
Living Stones
Deacon Pedro
September 24, 2010
The Holy Land is considered holy because Jesus lived here. It is also holy because most of the prophets lived around here. But it is also important because here is where it all began: Christianity was born here. Today though, 2000 years later, we equate the Middle East with Muslims. We hear about Jews and more
Regular blog readers will recall that in November, Salt + Light filmed extensively in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Tonight we show you the first film from that trip: Within Your Gates: A Pilgrim Guide to the Holy Land. This evening’s broadcast commemorates the first anniversary of Pope Benedict’s own voyage to the Holy Land. more