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First Sunday of Lent, Year B – February 22, 2015 Does anyone really look forward to Lent? What is it about Lent that excites us? What aspects of the Lenten journey test us? The Scriptural readings for this season are carefully chosen so as to replay salvation history before our very eyes. Let us begin ...read more
Second Sunday of Advent, Year B – December 7, 2014 One of the great stars of the Advent and Christmas stories, John the Baptizer, makes his appearance on the biblical stage today. Let us consider some of the details of John’s life and see how he is such a good model for us. John the ...read more
For Christians the season of Lent is a time for reflecting on and confronting the reality of trials. These are periods in our lives filled with anxiety, doubt, anger, helplessness, and even despair; they are a part of our human experience. And it is not surprising that the Scriptures shed enormous light on the matter, ...read more
Today’s Scripture readings for the first Sunday of Lent immerse us into the depths of this penitential season. The readings and today’s Psalm 51 sound overtures of the great themes that we will hear and live over the next six weeks. Reflecting on today’s first reading from Genesis (2:7-9; 3:1-7), we must take into consideration ...read more
Ottawa reader Fr. Jonathon Blake responded to my last post about the Holy Land, where I expressed how difficult it was to maintain a pilgrimage mindset amidst work responsibilities. He suggested that this challenge could be similar to a priest’s experience of Christmas, when accumulated graces might only reveal themselves once the “marathon” schedule has ...read more