BLOG: divorce
The divorce process is always painful because you are ending a life with someone with whom you shared everything. How does the Church support those who are going through such a difficult time? On this episode of Perspectives: The Weekly Edition, Pedro and his guests Lisa Duffy, author of the book Divorced Catholics: Now What? more
The reality of divorce is very common nowadays and one of the questions we always ask is, “If Catholic marriage is forever, how should divorced Catholics live their faith? Some times the easy way seems to be simply to leave God and forget He is the one who can help you in the healing of more
It was unfathomable that one idea could change how the world interacts. And then you signed up for Facebook. While watching the three-time Oscar winner The Social Network, I was struck by how this invention — motivated, if the film is to believed, by the insecurities of its co-founder — has impacted the lives of more