BLOG: Holy Spirit
Today, with this catechesis we begin a cycle of reflections with the theme ‘The Holy Spirit and the Bride” – the bride is the Church – “The Holy Spirit guides God's people towards Jesus our hope." more
The account of Pentecost (cf. Acts 2:1-11) shows us two areas of the Holy Spirit’s working in the Church: in us and in mission, with two characteristics: power and gentleness. more
Let us pray that the Holy Spirit helps us recognize the gift of different charisms within the Christian community, and to discover the richness of different ritual traditions in the heart of the Catholic Church. more
In the last catecheses we saw that the proclamation of the Gospel is joy, it is for everyone, and it is addressed to today. more
Throughout the Synodal Assembly here in Rome, a new method is being used for the first time. It’s called conversations in the Spirit, maybe you’ve heard of it already. more
Since the beginning of this synodal process in 2021, “spiritual conversations” also known as “conversations in the Spirit” have emerged as the way of proceeding on the path of synodality. more